Please read them carefull and follow these Rules while playing on one of our Server. If there is something unclear please contact an admin via Discord

General Rules:

1. Do not insult or harass other Players.

2. Do not make use of exploits or cheats to gain an advantage in the game.

3. PVE Stealing or Griefing other Players property is not allowed!

4. PVE The killing of players is allowed at the various Outposts, so be aware of this thread

5. Please join our discord to receive news and information about the server.


Building Rules:

1. Do not build on or close to important Spawn Locations for Resources or Bosses.

2. Do not block passages to important locations and landmarks.

3. Do not build in inaccessible places like outside the greenwall etc.

4. Do not place buildings all around the map to block locations for other players.

5. Do not build excessive huge monumental Buildings that will bring the server to his knees.


Starting Kits:

1. We highly recommend to start on Valkyrian Lands the Exiled Lands Server

2. To obtain Starting Gear, Level and Money use the chat command kit

3. Daily Loyalty Token can be obtained by using the chat command /kit..

4. You can receive a "Thespasian" via /kit and place him in one of the Player Stores at the Market to sell your goods to other Players.


Attribute System

1. On our server we use a custom made level curve and attribute system where a player can maximize all his attributes to 100

2. after reaching level 300 you will realize that you wont have enough attribute points to spend enough to reach 100 in every of the 7 attributes so be carefull when leveling them up