Every 60 Days all PVP Server will be wiped and reset for a fresh game start to keep the chances as even as possible for every Clan and Player. The Player with the most confirmed Kills will receive a Reward of 50 EUR Steam Gift Card and a Picture in the Hall of Fame on our Site.

Please read them carefull and follow these Rules while playing on one of our Server. If there is something unclear please contact an admin via Discord

General Rules:

1. Do not insult or harass other Players.

2. Do not make use of exploits or cheats to gain an advantage in the game.

3. Please join our discord to receive news and information about the server.

4 do not farm player spawn area around obelisk and server transfer portals


Building Rules:

1. Do not build in inaccessible places like outside the greenwall etc.

2. Do not place buildings all around the map to block locations for other players.

3 Do not block important resource nodes or spawner for other players

4.DO not stack fences or other buildings to gain a advantage towards other players



1. Dynamic raid time is active every day and has a cooldown of 15 minutes after log out of the last member of a clan 

2. On every Saturday and sunday between 4 and 6 pm UTC Raid Time will be active 

3. the PVP server cluster will be wiped every 60 days to check the countdown timer check our discord..


Mod CHanges

1. With our server mod we have disabled Mounts and feline pets

2. In addition some weapons that seem to be hurting PVP balance have been removed as well