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Client Performance Tweaks

Most of the edits in this guide go best together; however, I'll do my best to explain each setting and why it was changed so that if you want to cherry-pick which settings to apply personally, you at least can do so informed. As stated in the little blurb, I've only extensively tested this on small-to-medium population servers without Battleye!

As long as you play on unofficial Servers like ours you can uninstall and disable Battleye without any thoughts. It will only add unnecessary CPU overhead during gameplay and won't be of any benefit. To disable and/or uninstall Battleye click in the Launcher on the bottem right Icon to show more Options like shown in the Picture below.

Before you start please be sure that Conan Exiles is not running in the Backround!

Go to [Steam\steamapps\common\Conan Exiles\ConanSandbox\Saved\Config\WindowsNoEditor]

Open up Engine.ini with Notepad++ (if you don't have it download it here).

Add the following lines:



as shown in the picture below [1]

afterwards press on the blue Save Icon in the top left corner to save the changes. [2]

Now close Notepad++ and open up Game.ini.

Here you have to add those 2 lines: [1] [/script/engine.gamenetworkmanager]




ConfiguredInternetSpeed=100000 doesn't really matter where you paste them in and repeat the Save and Close like in the step before. [2]

Now start the game and enjoy!

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