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How to change Player/NPC Level Curves in VAM

If you want to change the max Level for Players or Thralls/Pets then you'll need to add some lines to a file on your Server.

1. Locate the File

  • Navigate to the game directory. The path is usually ../../../Games/Conansandbox/Config/DefaultEngine.ini or similar, depending on where you installed the game.

  • In the Config folder, find the file named DefaultEngine.ini.

2. Open the File

  • Right-click on the DefaultEngine.ini file and select “Open with”.

  • Choose a text editor like Notepad or Notepad++ to open the file.

3. Add the Section

  • Scroll to the bottom of the file or press Ctrl + End on your keyboard.

  • Add a new line and type in [/Game/Mods/Valkyrian_Lands/PreLoad/VAM_Settings.VAM_Settings_C]

  • This will create a new section in the file.

4. Add Entries

  • Underneath the new section, you can add the following entries. Each entry should be on a new line and follow this format: Key=Value.

  • ▨ = NPC Level Curve ▨ = Player Level Curve ▨ = NPC Spawn Settings
















  • It should look like in the image below.

  • Now you can change the True and False flag how ever you want to change the settings as you want. Please keep in mind that each group of settings only allow one True flag.

  • NPC_Vanilla until NPC_LVL_100 is one group.

  • Player_Vanilla until VAM_LVL_600 is one group.

  • Spawn_Vanilla until Spawn_VAM_All is one group.

5. Save Changes

  • After you’ve added all your entries, save your changes by clicking “File” then “Save” in your text editor, or by pressing Ctrl + S on your keyboard.

6. Verify Changes

  • Close and reopen the DefaultEngine.ini file to ensure your changes have been saved correctly.

7. Restart the Server

  • Restart your Server and the settings you changed should be now applied. Please keep in mind that already earned XP doesn't vanish so if you decide to change certain Level Curves it can be that already leveled up Thralls or Players will keep their higher Level.

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