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How to connect Discord on the Website

Step 1: Visit the offical VAM Server Website: Step 2: On the website you can see in the top right corner an sign in button where you can use your steam account to link the website with your player account.

Step 3: Once cliked on the Login button you will be redirected to Steam to verify your account and accept the connection. Do not worry there is no risk for your account, you'll only enable the Steam API to communicate with the Website.

Step 4: After you finished the sign in process thru Steam you will be redirected back to the VAM Server Website. And you'll notice your account has been created and linked with Steam.

Step 5: Now you can click on the button in the top right that shows your Steam name and a menu should drop down. There please selected the Settings Tab.

Step 6: Inside the Settings menu you can find many settings that you can setup as you wish and connect various 3rd party applications or sites like Twitch, Disord or Patreon. To connect your Discord with the website click on the Connect Discord Button at the right.

Step 7: Once you click the button you will be redirected to Discord to accept the linking with your account. Click on the green authorize button and you should be done!

PS: For your own safty please always use 2FA and SteamGuard it doesn't matter that I try to keep our website and discord safe there are always ways for people to get your data it's always better to be safe then sorry.

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