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Intro Video ? No more !

Are you tired of hearing and seeing that same intro video over and over again?

You can already say each and every word without even thinking about it ?

Here I'm going to show you how to disable every intro Video from Conan Exiles.

First of all, as in every guide, I sugest you download and install Notepad ++ because it will help you to save time and it's an amazing tool to edit almost every kind of text.

Click on the Notepad ++ Icon on the left side to download the Software and install it.

Download Notepad++

After you're done with the installation open Steam and navigate to your Library. And locate Conan Exiles in your library and right click on it. Then click on Properties... like in the Video shown below.

Now a Properties window will pop up and you click on Local Files on the right followed by Browse...

A new window will pop up and you will see the Conan Exiles installation directory on your drive. The next step is to locate the "DefaultGame.ini" file. For that we double click on the folder "ConanSandbox" and then again on the folder "Config" as shown in the video below and there is the "DefaultGame.ini" file.

Right click on "DefaultGame.ini" and select "Edit with Notepad ++" and a new Notepad window should pop up. There you scroll down till line 50 where you will finde the line:








Here we have to replace the True at bWaitForMoviesToComplete= into False

and the three plus into minus. After you're done save the file by clicking on the blue save icon.

That's all now when ever you start the game you won't hear or see any Intro Video till the game is loaded. Don't panik if you see a black screen it's normal. You can check the loading indication ( those 3 little dots) in the lower left corner of the screen while the game start.

In most cases after a Conan Exiles update you have to redo this litte modification because the DefaultGame.ini will be overwritten.

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