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Valkyrian Arsenal & More Guide

Updated: Sep 28, 2022

Welcome Exiles

In this guide, you'll discover VAM , what this mod can offer to you, and how to use it.

Please read this following "About VAM" section, or select a link below to reach the information you want.

About VAM

VAM is a mod developed by Sarpendon.

You will enjoy new thralls, pets, weapons, tools, armors and much more.

Climb to level 600, unlock new feats, craft new VAM equipment and go fight new VAM Bosses for loot and glory.

Level your thrall and pets to level 100 and enjoy new VAM Workstation.

Important Note

The mod is under development and you might enconter bugs or problems. Please report every issue you find so we can fix them as soon as possible.

To Admins

Please pay attention to RED TEXT in the following pages. Those notes concern you and the things you will need to be aware of to handle this mod properly and fully.

Note for Updates

New features usually come on the "Branded" Version first and will after further testing and fixing be deployed to the "No Brand" Version. Please be patient for new features and content to be tested and improved.

VAM Guide - Table of Content


​Workbenches & Recipes

Tools & Weapons


Map Additions

More VAM

Valkyrian Server and Mod List


Additional Links

​No brand version of VAM for everyone to use.

​Branded version of VAM for our personal Servers with additional brandings.

​Adds additional Armors and Map Content.

​Removes all map changes made by VAM.

Joins our Discord for more infos and help.

​Guide how to place VAM in your Mod Load List.

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