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No more Restarts because of Mod Mismatch

Updated: Oct 16, 2021

You know the struggle, you try to join a modded Server and are welcomed by the one and true killer of Joy. The Mod Missmatch Screen! The waiting feels like ages and then you have to restart the game and wait again....

But fear no more there is a easy fix that will allow you to join any modded server without that agonizing "Mod Missmatch" checking and restarting.

First of all we need Notepad ++ and I highly recomand installing and using it anyway because it's awesome.

Click on the Icon on the right to download Notepad++ and install it.

Afterwards you will need the correct mod order of the server you want to join. In most cases you will find it in the Discord and/or Homepage of the Server you want to join.

In our case you can download it from here directly.

After you downloaded the modlist.txt open it up.

You will see now all mods in the correct order as they are loaded on the server.

Now we have to check where Conan Exiles is installed and modify the path in the modlist.txt to make it fit for our own needs.

Now let's open steam and go to your Library and search for Conan Exiles. Then right click on it and select "Properties..." like in the video below.

A Properties window will pop up and you click on "Local Files" on the right and then on the button "Browse..." as shown in the Image below.

Now a new window will open up that shows you where Conan Exiles is installed on your PC.

In this window you click once with the left mouse button into the path window.

Now you selected the whole path to your Conan Exiles Install Folder.

But we will only need the part till ........\steamapps\ as shown in the video below.

Select everything before ........\steamapps\ and right click and copy it or use CTRL+C.

With the path copied ALT+TAB into your Notepad++ window that we opened at the beginning.

Inside Notepad++ press CTRL+F and a "Find" window will pop up.

We are intrested in the "Replace" tab in the top. Click on it and click once with the left mouse button into the empty space of "Replace with:" and paste or CTRL+V the path into it, like shown in the video below.

Now don't close the window just click inside notepad and select from the modlist.txt a row

start behind the * and go till ......\steamapps\ and right click to copy or use CTRL+C.

Now go back to the Repalce window and right click to paste or use CTRL+V and paste the path into "Find what:". Then click on "Replace All" and you have changed now the path to your Conan Exiles installation.

Don't forget to save the changes by pressing on the blue Save-Icon in the top and close Notepad++.

Now go to the location of the modlist.txt file and copy it as well by right clicking on the file and selecting copy or using CTRL+C.

The previoulsy opened Conan Exiles installation directory should be still open in the backround somewhere. Open it up and double click on the folder "ConanSandbox"

and if you then see a folder with the name "Mods" double click on it and just paste and overwrite the old modlist.txt inside.

If you don't see a folder with the name "Mods" simply right click somewhere and create a new folder and name it "Mods". Then open it up and paste the modlist.txt inside.

That's it, now you're done and when ever you join any of the Valkyrian Gaming Server you won't have to restart the game.

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