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Sarp's Farming Guide for Myth of Empires

Updated: Aug 9, 2022

After some time enjoying the farming and game itself I thought it might come in handy to test and check all aspects related to Farming in this amazing Game.

Just to be clear from the beginning all Data and Calculations have been done on a private Server and by myself so there is always the chance for human error. I tried to double check all Info's and to be as precise as possible. I will update and change values if they appear to be wrong or will change over the course of updates.

Game Version at the time of the Guide: 0.21.0

Ok let's start with the basics of Farming. What do you need and how and where to get started? Farming Equipment & Needs: Tools: At the Moment there are 3 type of Hoes in the game that you can unlock and craft.

Stone Hoe

Unlocked at Level: 16 Recipe Name: Cultivation Used to increase Soil Porosity

Bronze Hoe

Iron Hoe

Fertilizer: At the Moment there are 8 type of Fertilizers in the game that you can unlock and craft.

Coarse Compost

Unlocked at Level: 16 Recipe Name: Cultivation Increases Green Manure, Organic Fertilizer and Ash Fertilizer on Fields and Planters.

Basic Green Manure

Basic Ash Fertilizer

Basic Organic Fertilizer


Common Green Manure

Common Ash Fertilizer

Common Organic Fertilizer

Planter: At the Moment there are 3 type of Planters in the game that you can unlock and craft.

Crude Planter

Unlocked at Level: 16 Recipe Name: Cultivation Each Player can place up to 5 Crude Planter. Up to 4 Seeds can be planted.

Common Planter

Exclusive Planter

Fields: At the Moment there are 4 type of Fields with 4 sets of Quality (Barren, Common, Rich and Very Fertile) in the game that you can fiend and claim. To be able to "claim" a Field and unlock all Slots for your Warriors to work on you have to eliminate all Enemies at the Field and open up the Shed. If you have unlocked the Recipe Farmhouse at Level 38 you will be able to build the Simple Shed and small Chests will appear on every Field where a Warrior can be bind to work. To find all Fields and their Location check this Reddit Post.

Lowland Field

Barren Lowland Field

Max Moisture: 20000

Green Manure: 15000

Organic Fertilizer: 10000

Ash Fertilizer: 10000

Fertilizer Times: 100

Common Lowland Field Max Moisture: 30000

Green Manure: 30000

Organic Fertilizer: 20000

Ash Fertilizer: 20000 Fertilizer Times: 150 Rich Lowland Field

Max Moisture: 40000

Green Manure: 60000

Organic Fertilizer: 40000

Ash Fertilizer: 40000

Fertilizer Times: 200 Very Fertile Lowland Field Max Moisture: 50000

Green Manure: 120000

Organic Fertilizer: 80000

Ash Fertilizer: 80000

Fertilizer Times: 400

Paddy Field

Gravel-Sand Mulched Field

Upland Field

Seeds: There are a big variety of Seeds you can find by collecting bushes and plants all around the map. I won't get into detail for now where to find each and every seed. Here is a table with all seeds and their consumption of Fertilizer, Water and Grow time. There are some important information's that need to be taken into consideration. The Consumption and Growth are determined by the Server Settings for the Farm Tick Rate

As far as I know on Official Server the Tick rate is One Tick every 72 Seconds.

The following tables are calculated by Vanilla/Official Tick Rates. Every Plant will gain 1% per Tick and it takes 100 (0%-100%) ticks till a plant is fully grown. The Harvest amount and quality of the Harvest depends on your Planting Skill, Moisture and Fertilizer Level during the growth of the Plant. If for example Moisture Level drops to 0 once during the Growth of a Plant it will become a "Bad Harvest" and won't yield any Seeds. Here is a Spreadsheet with all Seeds, where they can be planted and how long (1 Growth Tick = 40 Seconds) they take to grow, how much Fertilizer and Water they consume per Tick and the minimum of Soil Porosity is needed to plant it.

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