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VAM Age of War Update

With the start of the new Age of War for Conan Exiles, I've been busy adding new features and changing existing ones with the sole intention of improving the mod's performance and taking as much feedback from the players as possible.

I received a solid idea of what you guys desired and what needs to be done for the future of my mods. Some votes were quite close (see below), making it difficult for me to make a decision, but I hope that the decisions taken for certain improvements will benefit everyone in the future.

What has been changes?

1. Bounty System:

The bounty system has been removed from the UI in favor of a Bounty Board, which may be unlocked in your Feats with Level 10. It will automatically consume the heads of Vanilla/AOC/EEWA and VAM beasts that have been slayed and put inside the new Bounty Board. Every head will award a set number of Bounty Tokens, Bounty XP, and about 10,000 Player XP. Bounty XP will be accumulated into Bounty Ranks, which will unlock certain rewards that can be purchased with the Bounty Token at the Bounty Store (also located within the bounty board).

2. Profession System:

To reduce the constant ticks on the server side to calculate the timers for each order, the profession system has been completely altered, and profession orders have been abolished.

You will now see only the profession in the VAM Panel and will be able to spend proficiency books to unlock all of the Feats associated with each career. To gain the Profficency Books, you must fight "Specialist Humanoid Npcs"; for example, to obtain the Metalwright Profession, you must slay and loot T1-4 Blacksmith or Smelter. The likelihood of a Book dropping depends on their Tier.

3. Rune Assembler:

The Rune Assembler is a new element to the VAM UI Panel. It enables the removal of Runes from Weapons as well as the expansion of the number of Rune Slots on Weapons that are able to hold Runes. This covers all VAM Arsenals and Tools, as well as the Elder Arsenal and Tools. By deleting the runes, your weapon/tool will become slightly weaker. Consider this while placing runes on a weapon or tool. Furthermore, you may now get a 3D preview of your chosen weapon that you can rotate with your mouse.

4. Token Shop:

The Profession Shop now has been renamed to Token Shop and recived a searchbar to quickly search the Item you want to buy. In addition the shop will only accept Token of Death. These Token will drop from slayn enemies at a random rate.

5. UI Panel Overhaul and Admin Settings:

The UI buttons have been somewhat modified, and most of the Admin Settings pertaining to character progression/stats have been deleted to avoid conflict with other mods. They may return in the future, but for the time being, in order to ensure a headache-free gaming experience, they had to leave. EEWA still allows users to customize everything in their Admin settings as needed. The only settings remaining is the maximum Attribute points Players can achive.

6. VEE Integration:

VEE (Vegen Expereince Extended) has been partially integrated into VAM with the forthcoming version. Only the RNG crafting for all Weapns/Armors and Tools has been included, not the Lesser Valkyries, Market, and other goodies. The VEE Settings are now also available in the VAM Admin Panel. I strongly advise against running VEE alongside VAM after this upgrade because it may create unexpected crashes or difficulties. This also means that any alterations done previous to the crafting opportunities must be reapplied.

7. Trading Post:

Administrators can now place Trading Posts all around the map. Those Trading Posts allow users to buy and sell things across the server while using Token of Death as currency. The Trading Post will generate a Map Marker so that everyone can see where it is. Please use with caution, since too many Trading Posts may negatively effect server performance. I'd recommend a limit of 5 per Map. The sold items are player bound and can be claimed at any Trading Post. Remember that weapons with Runes and/or quality adjustments will be transferred as well. Thralls are the only thing that cannot be sold or bought.

8. Heraldry and Clan Equipment:

With the new Age of War Update Funcom introduced the ability to customize your Clans heraldry and select between 4 Background and 4 Icons to express your Clans belonging. I assume they planned on adding more Backgrounds and Icons behind a paywall in the Bazarr or as Battlepass addition. But personally I was disapointed by the lack of customization options as vanilla player. So I added around 90 new Emblems and Backgrounds to players to mess with.

In addition the only 4 Items that had the option to add this new Clan Emblems been a oversized Shield and 2 Banners. I took the liberty to make some changes on them because the way Funcom palced those Emblems on them made them look rather weird.

Beside the changes towards the Vanilla Items I also added some more stuff that can display your beloved Clan Emblem. A clan Armor based on the Death Knight Armor Set, a Round Shield, a Clan Sword and a Clan Vault.

Some things might change until the 22. June but this should be all the changes regarding VAM. Please feel free to send me your feedback and thoughts in Discord. I wish you all a nice day and good luck with the Update.

Your Sarpendon.

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